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Terry Scroggins "Big Show" Signature Series Rod Kits

Terry Scroggins "Big Show" Signature Series Rod Kits

Whether talking lures or custom rods, he knows exactly what he needs from his equipment and by putting it all together himself—Terry has found his kit for success.

For storied Pro Angler Terry Scroggins, there aren’t many lakes left where he couldn’t tell you about the bass bite.

Born and raised in the Sunshine State, Scroggins has been bass fishing since he can remember. All the knowledge and experience of growing up on the water, combined with his success in professional fishing, has shaped him into a master angler.

As a veteran on the pro circuit, Terry has had a stellar career to this point and rod building could be the ticket is take his legacy in professional bass fishing to new heights. By the numbers, Scroggins has finished in the money in over 60% of all tournament appearances for almost $2 million dollars in career winnings.

His career includes: 5 first place finishes, 48 top 10 finishes and 74 top 20 finishes!  He has also amassed a career total bass weight of over 7,000 pounds!

Lets jump right in an see what rod is on Terry Scroggins' boat:

From dialing in for different lures, to fishing a range of flippin’ sticks, pitchin’ rods, and all-purpose bass rods, these are the rod recipes that keep MLF Pro Terry Scroggins catching more fish all over the country.

FP936-MHX Flipping and Pitching Rod 

Pro Angler Terry Scroggins certainly knows his way around heavy weeds and Kissimmee grass, and you can bet his FP936-MHX Flippin’ and Pitchin’ Rod does too. For general, all-purpose flippin’, this 7’9” X-heavy casting rod is the deal because it has some serious butt power paired with a forgiving mod/fast action that keeps big fish buttoned up. Scroggins will fish this rod in semi-heavy cover and get big time bites. Think 1oz to 1-1/2oz a creature bait and a stout hook.

Specifications: 7'9" | 15-30 lb. | 3/4 - 2 oz. | Mod/Fast Action | Extra Heavy Power

“As I’m fishing through Kissimmee grass and weeds, I know exactly what to expect from my FP936-MHX Flippin’-Pitchin’ Rod. Once I pick it up, I know it’s on and those big lurking bass have no idea what’s about to hit ‘em. Long story short, this is one of the best all-purpose flippin’ rods out there.”
- Terry Scroggins, MLF Bass Pro Tour Angler


As Big Show travels around the country he encounters much more than just the heavy vegetation of Florida. Throwing crankbaits is one of the oldest and most productive techniques in all of bass fishing. You can bet Terry has one ready to go no matter where his travels take him.

CB906-Blend MHX Crankbait Rod

Pro Angler Terry Scroggins has to have a good set of crankbait rods on his boat, and this CB906 definitely belongs in that group. A very well balanced rod, Scroggins built this crankbait rod to catch fish all over the country. Anywhere there’s fish, you can bet the “Big Show” and his medium-heavy power, 7’6” CB906 will be there holding up a biggun.

Specifications: 7'6" | 10-17 lb. | 3/8 - 1 1/4 oz. | Mod-Fast Action | Medium-Heavy Power

“Y’all—this CB906 is a good one here—it’s a phenomenal crankbait rod for lipless and deep divers because it creates incredible distance with longer casts, while using the 7’6” length to pick up more line. This casting-cranking rod is going to get it done on Major League Fishing’s Bass Pro Tour for sure.”
- Terry Scroggins, MLF Bass Pro Tour Angler


If anyone knows what it takes to have a successful fishing career, Terry is that guy. He understands his strengths and counts on his versatility week in and week out on tour. This is why one of his favorite rod builds can do almost anything.

NMB873.5-MHX Elite-X Mag Bass Rod

If Pro Angler Terry Scroggins had to choose a high-performance casting rod to keep on his boat at all times, his NMB873.5-MHX Elite-X All-Purpose Casting Rod would be a no brainer. The engineering behind the NMB873.5-MHX is a true original because it was developed as a happy medium between the versatile MB873 and MB874, but then incorporates the advanced materials of the Elite-X Series for the ultimate performance on the water.

Specifications: 7'3" | 10-20 lb. | 3/8 - 1 oz. | Fast Action | Medium-Heavy Power

“For all-purpose bass fishing, my NMB873.5-MHX Casting Rod is a true stud. Whether I want to throw a jig, worm, chatterbait, or even a Carolina rig, I’m confident fishing anything I tie on. The MLF Bass Pro Tour is going to get to know this rod real quick.” - Terry Scroggins, MLF Bass Pro Tour Angler

Last but not least, no angler can have a career like Big Show without being handy with a spinning rod. Although some bass might scowl when a spinning rod is mentioned, finesse fishing flat out catches fish. Whether you are looking to have fun or cash checks the need for a good spinning rod is undeniable.

DS822-MHX Drop Shot Rod

If Pro Angler Terry Scroggins wants to cast at targets with the ultimate precision, while fishing more finesse applications, he will quickly grab his 6’10” DS822-MHX Drop Shot Rod. Terry built this rod for anything from a drop shot and ned rig, to shaky heads and floating worms. Even the “Big Show” has room for a couple finesse spinning rods on his boat when they are packed with performance like this.

Specifications: 6'10" | 6-14 lb. | 1/4 - 3/8 oz. | Extra-Fast Action | Medium-Light Power

“I like to keep a few spinning rods on the boat and this one is the real deal for sensitivity in finesse fishing applications and deadly accuracy when I’m throwing at targets. I can feel every tick underwater and I know immediately when to set the hook—then it’s just time to cash in from there.”
- Terry Scroggins, MLF Bass Pro Tour Angler

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