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Nearshore Saltwater Fishing Rod Recipe for Striper & More

Nearshore Saltwater Fishing Rod Recipe for Striper & More

Learn how to build this custom Nearshore Saltwater Rod with the SW80L blank from the MHX Rods to target big striper and more exciting saltwater species.

Build the Best Striper Rod Around

From the all aluminum reel seat and urban camo grips, to the performance of each component butt to tip, this is one stylish custom fishing rod ready to rock in saltwater.

Let’s learn more about our nearshore striper rod recipe below!


SW80L-MHX Saltwater Rod Recipe:

To quickly add these core components for a Striper Rod build, we have our bundler option below! 

We put this rod recipe to the test with none other than the notorious Big Fish Brian Coombs of Get Tight Sport Fishing and it truly excelled in the cool waters of Boston, Massachusetts. Whether chucking large plastics or bump trolling live bait, this SW80L-MHX rod was dialed in perfectly and landed some seriously big striper.

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Follow this rod recipe to build a legendary saltwater fishing rod, or if you’re hooked on the rod building bait – Customize your own DIY Saltwater Rod with our industry leading Multi-Option Rod Kits.

MHX Nearshore Series Rod Blanks

The MHX Nearshore Saltwater Series MHX has utilized a new hardened resin system within their High Pressure Rolling System, along with full length woven carbon fabric, to produce a saltwater blank that has a ton of fight in it. These blanks were developed to outperform the competition in specific applications, and dominate every Pelagic species you have in mind.

If you want a versatile saltwater rod, build it with these blanks. It will easily become your go-to saltwater stick…

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