Jim Crowley Signature Series Rod Kits

Jim Crowley Signature Series Rod Kits

From the moment you meet Jim Crowley you feel like you have been fishing buddies for years.

Sure, you maybe have seen him on TV or at trade shows but after 30 years in this fishing industry, he is still one of us and just loves to fish.

Jim Crowley is passionate about God, his family, & fishing. Driven to be the best at what he does, Jim states, “I love the outdoor industry. I love to inform and entertain. I work hard with and for the companies that have faith in me. I will only represent a company that I truly believe in. In all honesty, that’s the only way its beneficial and productive for both.”

We got to sit down and pick Jim’s brain on his favorite rods. We dove into the why, what, and where to create his Signatures Rod Kits so you can build one exactly like Jim.

Hailing from the Midwest, Jim’s backyard is an angler’s paradise filled with both largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye, a variety of panfish and even musky!

Let’s see what Jim has got for us in his Signature Kits.

Leading it off with what Jim described, “My favorite Bushido rod blank” is the MB68 10/17 from American Tackle.

Jerkbaits are a staple in any bass anglers tackle box and one of Jim’s most productive lures. As he travels the US his American Tackle Bushido 6’8” 10-17 is not far behind. He sets up this rod with a fast retrieve Kast King speed demon Elite 7.4-1 spinning reel so he can work hard and soft jerkbaits with less effort. For those in the light inshore, do not hesitate to tie on a walking bait for redfish or trout up on the flats!

Specifications: 6'8" | 10-17 lb. | 1/4 - 3/4 oz. | Fast Action | Medium Power

“From wacky rigs to jerkbaits I just have total confidence in this build. Since it is a medium power, I have even fished down in the coastal regions with a walking bait on straight 14lb monofilament. Pretty much lure you fish to cover water while working the bait with a tip down approach, this 6’8” length with the fast action can get it done. I just really love this blank.”

With as much time as Jim spends on the road each year, he knows having an all-around arsenal of rod is very important. He might be in Wisconsin one week, then Florida the next and his signature kits represent that well.

This next blank is quickly becoming a favorite of anglers all over the US. From fishing vibrating jigs in vegetation, to crankin’ DT20s he loves the parabolic action of this BMBS74 10/20.

Jim fishes a different reel and line depending on which lure he has tied on this Moving Bait Series blank. For vibrating jigs, he recommends a 7.4-1 reel with 17lb suffix fluorocarbon but for his crankbait he will drop down to 12lb fluorocarbon and a lower gear ratio reel.

Specifications: 7'4" | 10-20 lb. | 3/8 - 3/4 oz. | Mod-Fast Action | Med-Heavy Power 

"American Tackle just nailed it with this Moving Bait series blank. I fish all three of them but this one in particular is perfect for my vibrating jig! The unique action of a very soft tip that is extra-fast, coupled with the typical moderate fast mid-section, allows me to feel the vibrating jig when it immediately stops vibrating. As you know that means a bite."

Any bass angler knows you cannot be without a good spinning rod for your light-line applications. We all know the feeling when fishing gets tough and breaking out a spinning rod can save the day!

Jim chooses the SJ782 as his number one finesse stick. It is deadly accurate but can still reach out for long casts when he needs to cover water. “This is just perfect for my favorite 1000 size reel and allows incredible feel for my braid to fluorocarbon setup.”

Specifications: 6'6" | 6-12 lb. | 1/8 - 3/8 oz. | Fast Action | Medium-Light Power

“I really enjoy finesse fishing and this SJ782 is a unique blank. It is amazing how they can pack such incredible and delicate feel into this blank that can also pack a punch when you get a bite. Although I typically fish a ned rig on this build, I find myself reaching for it for small topwaters, hover rigs and even a small spinnerbait.”

What a great collection of rod kits for not only bass anglers but these can excel in light inshore as well. 

Remember you can always couple one of these rod kits with a rod building start up kit. It has never been easier to start building your own custom fishing rods! 

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