Drone Fishing for Sharks with Custom Rods

Drone Fishing for Sharks with Custom Rods

Welcome to rod building for drone fishing!

Sure, it’s an experimental application, but we built a couple awesome rods for the job and we are giving you an exclusive look.

Before we start talking rods, drones and sharks, please be aware the proper licensing to fish for sharks from the beaches here in Florida. 

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has all the info you need. 

Read here: Shore-based Shark Fishing


The Rods Behind Mud Hole TV: Drone Fishing

So if you’re one of those techy anglers willing to brave the big bites of drone fishing, then we are here to help!


Let’s Start with the Drone Rig

Rigging up a drone to fly bonito steaks over 300 yards offshore is no joke.

From line twisting and four spinning rotors, to the release mechanism failing and drones swimming, a lot can go wrong in the blink of an eye. That’s why we did the proper research and development to rig our drone for maximum efficiency and safety.

We also wanted to keep our drone nice and dry!

Check out the Drone Rig in this segment from Mud Hole TV:

Catch the FULL EPISODE at the bottom of the page!

Exclusive Rod Recipes for Drone Fishing

Let’s talk about rod building for an afternoon of flying baits offshore over 300 yards away with a drone!

Once the bait is dropped off, there’s only you, a 50 wide reel, and a custom fishing rod built to catch something big. So make sure you take the time to prepare and bring the perfect custom rod.

These are the full days of fishing that we build rods for—doing what we love and now, through the air with drones!

Here’s a couple cool rod recipes built to handle the big bites that drones can reach:

The Mid-Range Drone Rod for Up to 150 Yards

We definitely wanted to test the waters of drone fishing before going full send after big sharks.

For the mid-range bait drops up to 150 yards offshore, we built the strong, durable #B15-50 Gator Fiberglass Rod from CRB.

This blank is widely known as one of the toughest blanks on the market because it’s virtually indestructible and it packs all the performance benefits to match. To wet your feet in drone fishing, this 7’0” fast action Gator Fiberglass Rod is built to get you started!

Catch the Trailer for Mud Hole TV’s NEW EPISODE below:

Don’t miss the FULL EPISODE at the bottom of the page!

The Long-Range Shark Rod for Over 300 Yards

We are often lucky enough to take some prototypes on the water and we do our best to push their performance for a true test. Soon the X-Fighters, a new Series of stud Saltwater Blanks from MHX Rods, will hit the market and we got our hands on a prototype perfect for shark fishing.

These blanks are being developed into saltwater hammers for trolling and stand up by harnessing e-glass for extreme durability and strength, while also incorporating graphite for enhanced sensitivity, better recovery speed, and overall weight reduction.

We paired this cutting-edge blank with a 50 wide reel, which isn’t small, shy, or quiet when big sharks take the bait.

In this case, we wanted to drop bait upwards of 500 yards offshore, while keeping the line above the surf. We also wanted the custom rod to have enough power and attitude to wrench in whatever bites, so the X-Fighter was a great choice.

In order to get the line to transition smoothly from the height of the reel to our guide train, we put together a custom guide set that starts with an AFTCO Roller size 47 then goes to the CRB Turbo Elite Guide Kit and ends with an AFTCO Roller Top.

Sounds like a custom solution only rod builders can think up!

Watch Mud Hole TV: Drone Fishing Off of Jensen Beach, FL

Drone fishing is a wild new fishing application and we were thrilled by the challenge of building rods to tackle this exciting new style of fishing.

Learn more about our Drone Rod Recipes, how to rig the drone, and more on this episode of Mud Hole TV!



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