Why You Need CRB Snap-In Winding Checks

Why You Need CRB Snap-In Winding Checks

Learn more about the line of CRB silicone snap-in winding checks that work great with reel seats in rod building.

Custom Rod Building Winding Checks for Reel Seats

Another day, another awesome rod building component from CRB!

The Silicone Snap-in Winding Checks were designed to be a durable, quality component from CRB and has upped the ante for creative custom rod builders all over.

From its sleek construction and cool color options, to its compatibility with skeleton reel seats and simple installation method, these winding checks are definitely a component to add to your cart.

Seamless Silicone Winding Check Construction

In rod building, winding checks are often the subtle upgrade that gives a novice looking rod the professional finished touch that customers are looking for.

Sure winding checks serve little meaning to performance but they’re still a very important aspect of custom rod building.

For example, winding checks can add the perfect sloping curve to connect wider diameter components like reel seats back down to the tapered rod blank.

An improved appearance like the one described above only comes with the finest in manufacturing. Through strategically measured molds and expert craftsmanship, these seamless silicone winding checks were engineered with a flat front edge for a cleaner, sharper finished look.

9 Vivid Winding Check Colors

In addition to various size selections, each winding check includes 9 cool color options to match your fishing rod’s theme.

Check out all the new CRB snap-in winding check colors:

Speaking of custom, you can even pair these snap-in winding checks with CRB Colored Silicone Winding Checks.

Impress your customers with a cohesive design that ties each color together on the rod blank.

With these winding check colors in mind, rod builders can maintain a theme throughout the rod or add some colored components that really pop!

Simple Snap-in Winding Checks

Whether its tools, supplies, or even actual rod components, CRB works tirelessly to develop products that offer a variety of solutions for rod builders.

And the all-new silicone snap-in winding checks are no different.

These winding checks are wildly popular because they’re engineered to be user-friendly, while also taking the custom touch to the next level by sharpening the sleek appearance of a finished rod.

Perfect Fit for Size 16/17 Barrel Reel Seats

Plus, the simple snap-in design fits perfectly into size 16 and 17 reel seats. So if you want to eliminate the foregrip you never use, or just improve the look of a fishing rod, these are great winding checks to do it.

These winding checks look especially good with skeleton reel seats like CRB’s Skeleton SXO Spinning Seat and Skeleton Casting Seat, or Fuji’s SK2 Reel Seat.

Click here for more Reel Seat options…

The Silicone Winding Check Sizing Chart

CRB Winding Check Photo Gallery

Get some ideas for rod building with these snap-in winding checks in the photo gallery below:

Start Building Rods with CRB Winding Checks

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