Top 3 Workshop Accessories for the Best Epoxy Finish

Top 3 Workshop Accessories for the Best Epoxy Finish

Applying the epoxy finish can be a make-or-break point for building custom fishing rods, so we’re here to help with 3 workshop accessories that you can depend on for better epoxy finish.

Essential Rod Building Equipment for Epoxy

Before it is time to fish your new custom rod, the final step in rod building is applying the epoxy finish that seals each thread wrap, protects decals and flexibly bonds to the blank prevent any water penetration. Needless to say, this is not a step you can skip as epoxy finish is essential to the look and performance of the completed fishing rod.

Tacky or uneven finish, bubbles, and other unfortunate errors arise when working with epoxy. There is no doubt that experienced rod builders learn to avoid epoxy imperfections through practice, but even the best builders are always willing to learn new tips to improve their finish.

Whether building for yourself or clients, investing in the right equipment will always pay dividends and show in the quality of your finished custom rods. Developing workshop accessories that facilitate finer epoxy finish is one of many specialties of CRB Products.

Now let’s see the top 3 equipment upgrades designed to bring rod builders like you peace of mind in the epoxy process!

1. Better Mix & Extended Pot Life with the Epoxy Mixer


Product Showcase: CRB Epoxy Mixing System | Automatic Mixer for Perfect Epoxy Finish & Resin from Mud Hole Custom Tackle™ on Vimeo.

Mix up the perfect epoxy to finish your custom rod with CRB’s hands-free Epoxy Mixing System. Great for any rod building workshop, this mixer will turn any  two-part epoxy into the best finish possible to coat decorative thread work, guide wraps, and more!

This epoxy mixer not only mixes epoxy for you, but it also extends the pot life of the epoxy finish providing you with more working time. The benefits are simple, perfectly mixed, bubble-free epoxy – Every time!

The EM1 features an 18RPM mixing motor with 6ft power cord, plug and switch mounted on a powder coated steel base, and non-slip foot pads. It is attractive, durable and ready to lend a hand when it is time to apply finish.

It will accommodate both the MC125 (2.5oz) mixing cup for larger batches of finish and the MXC1.0 (1oz.) mixing cup for smaller batches. The Stand also features a docking station for your brushes and mixing rod (Mixing rod provided and five 2.5oz mixing cups).

2. Try the Drying Tent to Protect Curing Finish


CRB Rod Drying Tent Protects Curing Epoxy Finish | Mud Hole Custom Tackle Product Showcase from Mud Hole Custom Tackle™ on Vimeo.

It is incredibly frustrating to when you pull your rod out of the dryer to find dust, bugs, and other contaminants have dried in your epoxy finish.  CRB to the rescue. They have developed the Tent Drying System in order to protect your beautiful work, all that unwanted debris out.

Guarantee the best epoxy finish with the protection of the CRB Rod Drying Tent.

A total of 110” in length (2 x 55″ segments when assembled), can fit up to 9ft rods. 110″ Length x 13″ Width x 12″ Height. This tent is a basic “Dryer Box” that fits over your existing power wrappers, CRB aluminum base stations, and CRB single and triple rod dryers.

Just assemble tent and drop it over – light weight and simple for one person to setup, windows to keep an eye on your rod when drying, collapses into a convenient carry bag for storage. The CRB Tent Drying System allows for a controlled environment so that your rod build can dry safely within the enclosed tent.

There are 6 conveniently placed viewing windows, so you can keep an eye on your rod and if necessary, add more epoxy or make any final adjustments before the rod dries completely.

The bottom of the CRB Tent Drying System is open so it can be placed over your rod when rotating in a rod dryer and removed (lifted off) when the rod is dry or touch-up is needed. This protective system will also completely cover rods drying in an American Tackle Power WrapperCRB Single and Triple Rod Dryers.

3. Preserve & Revive your Stock of Epoxy Finish


CRB Epoxy Bottle Warmer for Rod Building Finish & More | Mud Hole Custom Tackle Product Showcase from Mud Hole Custom Tackle™ on Vimeo.

CRB’s Epoxy Bottle Warmer is used to decrease the viscosity of all liquid style epoxy finishes and glues. This bottle warmer is definitely a workshop essential when working with two-part epoxy finish and more! Unfortunately, many builders learn the hard way when it comes to proper epoxy temperature. When using these bottle warmers, you can ensure easier mixing and decrease the chance for bubbles in your finish.

The unit will accommodate up to 32oz kits, and the included basket allows the warmer to be used with smaller sizes as well. Just add 2-4 cups of water to the warmer depending on the size of your epoxy bottles. The bottles do not need to be fully submerged.

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