The Best MHX Spinning Rods to Catch Crappie

The Best MHX Spinning Rods to Catch Crappie

The MHX Spinning Series line of blanks is great for light and ultra-light builds but find out why it is the go-to series to catch big crappie. Plus, Major League Fishing Pro Terry Scroggins shows off his skills around the snaggy cover of docks and pilings to put those slabs in the livewell.

Speck Fishing with MLF Pro Terry Scroggins

Check out this awesome episode where our very own Taylor Belinger joins Terry "Big Show" Scroggins for a Crappie Catch N' Cook!

Crappie Catch N' Cook with 'Big Show' Terry Scroggins from Mud Hole Custom Tackle™ on Vimeo.

Terry “Big Show” Scroggins invited us to some of his best spots for speck fishing and that is just not a invite we can pass up. Armed with custom built MHX Spinning Series rods, it was time to put them to work.

MLF Pro Catch Crappie with Ultralight MHX Rods

Each spot we stopped was a maze of challenges, but we came prepared and our custom spinning rods were built to solve each puzzle. For example, skipping tiny spec jigs into tight a opening under a dock or avoiding a snag while accurately pitching around pilings is easier said than done.

Scroggins choice of ultralight is one with lengths between 5’6” and 6’6” because it offers castability to get to any school of specs. Shorter models, like the 5’6” S661-MHX and the 6’0” S721-MHX are chosen for shooting and skipping underneath docks.

Properly loading the rod for skipping is to reach that shadow line. If you can place a jig perfectly underneath the dock where the shade meets the sunlight, it is almost a guaranteed bite.

Once the jig would land just past that line, you could feel it sink down and one of those dock dwelling fish would snatch it up. The bites were overwhelming at this point, and the fun had only just begun.

When we reached spots with pilings, we pulled out the longer 6’6” S781-MHX model for precise casting accuracy while the trolling motor kept us in range. The S781-MHX rod blank is also a Pro Builder Choice as it is available in 14 color options!

MHX Metallic Colors include: 

… as well as Slate and White options!

When it is time for small jigs, light line, the MHX performance driven rod blanks are designed to pair perfectly with the requirements of this application, we filled up two live wells with dinner for the night.

What is your ideal speck fishing setup? Build your own crappie rod now to find out!

Not only were we successful on the water, but we also capped off the night with an awesome fish fry hosted by the man himself. In addition to his skills as a professional fisherman, Scroggins is a top-notch cook and even better host.

No dinner is ever complete without Big Show’s signature datil pepper sauce. There were certainly no leftovers, but plenty of laughs as we shared stories and relived the ultralight fun from our incredible day on the water.

Build Your Own Custom Crappie Rod!

The MHX Spinning Series was developed and is the proven choice for light to ultralight applications. Ideal for anglers that prefer the lighter spinning application, these rod blanks are perfect for lower line ratings from 1 lb. to 8 lb. test line.

MHX Spinning Series: Target Brush Piles, Docks, and Pilings

Each model is very lightweight in hand and incorporates innovative designs and tapers for the proper action and power, whether casting or landing the fish. This best-selling lineup of speck fishing rods is next to none—see what a real rod built for performance can catch for you.

Experience all the fun and excitement of fishing with this MHX Spinning Series!

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