The All-In-One Ice Kit

The All-In-One Ice Kit

When I mention to people how much fun ice fishing can be, I often receive a blank stare. "How can a guy from Florida like ice fishing?" I've encountered numerous skilled anglers from the south who initially recoil at the idea, but those willing to give it a shot often discover a newfound enjoyment. I was in the same boat. So, I guess you can say, don't knock it till you try it. 

For many, winter up north can mean hanging up their fishing gear or planning trips to warmer weather yet for those dedicated anglers, it evolves into a winter pastime, ensuring they can fish year-round.

Whether you're a dedicated angler or an enthusiast looking to broaden your fishing experiences, ice fishing offers a plethora of advantages, including the opportunity to delve into rod building.

Not only does it provide abundant chances to reel in fish, ice fishing allows those those who build custom rods a chance to hone their skills and get on the water year round. During the winter, most freshwater fish maintain their activity levels, yet they contend with a scarcity of food sources. With fewer insects or crayfish to prey on, these fish grow hungrier and become more inclined to take risks they might shy away from in other seasons. For me, this sounds like a great opportunity to go ice fishing and build your custom ice fishing rod. 

So how do you get started? If you have never built a custom ice fishing rod, we have everything you need in one box. Our All In One Rod Building Kit – Ice Fishing provides anglers the opportunity to build the ice rod they have always wanted. 

Let's open the box and see what you get!

First, you need the right equipment to be successful in rod building and this all-in-one-kit has been expertly curated by the rod building professionals.  Included along with the CRB Core Hand Wrapper is all the glue, rod finish, reamers, rod dryers and accessories the first time rod builder will need to succeed.

Now let's go over the blanks and why these particular models have been included in the kit. 

#FIB-26UL-MHX Rod Specs: 26″ | 1-6 lb. | Extra Fast Action | Ultra Light Power | 2.5 Tip | 0.252 Butt 

The FIB-26UL fiberglass power noodle ice blank boasts a super soft, brightly colored tip for effortless bite detection, eliminating the need for spring bobbers. This 26" ice blank also packs substantial power in its base to effortlessly reel in larger fish beneath the ice. Additionally, the solid fiberglass construction ensures exceptional durability, even in the harshest weather conditions, without compromising performance in the slightest.

#CIB-28UL-MHX Rod Specs: 28″ | 1-4 lb. | Fast Action | Ultra Light Power | 2.5 Tip | 0.128 Butt

The CIB-28UL is crafted to serve as the perfect rod for panfish, crappie, and deep water perch, this blank is highly versatile. It excels in handling the tiniest jigs with precision and offers a rapid hookset. When using tungsten jigs with these blanks, we recommend attaching a spring bobber to enhance bite detection. 

#PPN-36 Rod Specs: 36″ | 1-4 lb. | X-Fast Action | Light Power | 1 Piece | 2.5 Tip | 0.190 Butt

The PPN-36 is one of the best selling ice rod blanks of all time. It is our go-to blank for panfish, crappie and any other situations where we need light bite detection. This solid fiberglass blank offers a super soft tip that give anglers an edge when the fish get finicky, but when it is time to set the hook, no need to hold back. 

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