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3 Reasons to Fish with SSR Guides

3 Reasons to Fish with SSR Guides

Discover how the design behind SSR Guides has led to a huge rise in performance and in popularity.

Rod Guides for Performance, Durability, & Style

SSR Guides present a minimalist’s dream guide with the lightweight, yet durable construction that rod builders and diehard anglers are really after.

Sure, all these benefits come at a price, but we’ll assure you—their affordable price is as attractive as their performance and style!

Demand for these guides is extremely high, find out why you need to start fishing SSR Guides now:

1. Stylish Stainless Steel Frame & Ring

If a guide looks as good as it performs, that’s always an extra plus. The SSR Guides feature stainless steel frames that come in your choice of finish, either black or polished.

This allows you to match reel seats and hoods for an overall more appealing rod build.

In addition to the frames, the SSR line of guides brings minimal, ultra-thin polished stainless steel insert rings for a number of benefits. These thinner rings produce a larger possible opening without increasing guide size.

In other words, you can get away with smaller guide sizes without sacrificing ring size. This opens the door for rod builders to complete conventional concept style guide layouts, or match style guide layouts.

Increasing the opening of each guide, or “eye” also allows the SSR ring to easily pass leader knots and swivels without every damaging the fishing line, braid, or the ring itself. Larger possible eye for each guide size compared to competitors. Maximizing opening size per guide from the stripping and running guides all the way up to the SSR Tip Tops.

2. Maximum Ring Retention & Durability

Style is a big seller, but these guides make their name as much from durability as looks. Since the polished stainless steel ring is double swaged, it is virtually locked into the guide frame.

Longevity, especially through ring retention is relatively unheard of for guides when it comes to facing harsh saltwater environments and countless boat patrons, however, these SSR Guides are a much different story.

The double-swaged design seals ring into the stainless steel frame for guaranteed durability and impact-proof performance that outlasts the competition.

Not only does the thin polished metal ring pass knot and swivels, it will also dramatically reduce heat from friction that can damage fishing line as well as other rival options that are much more expensive. In turn, these guides will not only lead the pack in performance, but likewise in strength and value.

From corrosion resistance and ring retention, to its durable design, impact-proof performance, and value—there are truly no trade offs when fishing this line of SSR Guides by CRB.

3. Lightweight Guide Trains in Casting or Spinning

Naturally, along with its reduction in ring size and frame material, the SSR design also achieved record strength with far less weight.

The slim stainless steel engineering of each individual SSR Guide allows the overall weight of the guide train to compete with the weight of a single stripping guide in rival lines. For long days on the water where fatigue plays an important role, or just for building a lighter overall rod in general, you will have a hard time beating the potential of SSR Guides.

Not to mention, each SSR Guide has an arrowed guide foot for easy thread wraps that stay put!

SSR Guide Kits and Spacing Charts

Based on demand, CRB has developed guide sets to bundle layouts based on casting or spinning for your convenience. Let’s say you like the sound of SSR Guides, but you find picking individual guides a bit intimidating.

SSR Guide Kits are perfect for you!

We’ve taken out any guesswork with guide shopping by not only kitting up guide sets, but also by including recommended guide spacing based on rod length and guide setup.

Check out the SSR Guide Kit selection below:

Casting Guide Sets & Spacing

These all-purpose casting guide kits offer a rugged minimal design which greatly reduces the overall weight of the rod build.

Those fishermen who spend all day blind casting will really appreciate the weight reduction.

These casting guides are great for any freshwater application for bass, trout, walleye, and even bigger game like catfish and pike. They can also be used for most light saltwater (inshore and nearshore) applications, and even make excellent stripping guides for fly rod builds.

Conventional Spinning Guide Sets & Spacing

These all-purpose spinning guide kits offer a slightly higher frame and thinner rings that produce a larger opening, while keeping a very minimal form that reduces the overall weight of the rod build.

Fisherman who spend most of the day working artificial lures will really appreciate this weight reduction.

Match Style Spinning Guide Sets & Spacing

These match style spinning guide kits offer much higher frames that are designed to create a faster line transition from the reel to guide train that quickly removes line slap and increases line control. The match style guide layout has become quite popular for transferring fishing line or braid from the spool through the stripper guides and choke point then out to running guides faster than the transition of a conventional cone of flight guide setup.

This allows you to use smaller ring sizes, while keeping a very minimal form to greatly reduce the overall weight of the rod build. Fisherman who spend most of the day working artificial lures will really appreciate this weight reduction too.

These spinning guide kits are great for many freshwater applications from panfish and trout, to walleye and pike. They can also be used for most inshore saltwater applications when fishing for Redfish and Snook.

CRB wants you to build your best rod without breaking the bank, check out more CRB Guides below!

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