Shopping at Mud Hole Just Got Even Better!

Shopping at Mud Hole Just Got Even Better!

When we launched the new mudhole.com in 2021, the feedback was incredible, and our customers experienced a new level of shopping for custom rod building and tackle crafting supplies and components.  Not only did customers feel the increase in site speed, they also experienced exciting new features like the Mud Bucks loyalty & rewards program, improved checkout and payment options, live chat with rod building experts, and more!  

Today, we launch the next phase in the new-and-improved mudhole.com! Check out all that’s new and experience rod building’s ultimate online destination!

Improved Menus, Navigation, and Shopping Experience

You spoke, we listened! Customers asked if we could simplify our menus and make it easier to get around the site to find the rod building equipment and components you need. 

Improved Search Options

With various new categories and more descriptive landing pages, shopping mudhole.com just got a little simpler.  From Rod Blanks to Rod Kits and Rod Building Classes to the new Mud Hole Journal blog, we’ve just improved the world’s greatest rod building shopping experience!

Finding What You Need!

We have also improved the way you filter your product searches when you’re looking for that perfect rod blank or rod building tool! Now, you can filter by only the products that are in stock and ready to be shipped! 

In Stock

You can also choose multiple selections within a filter category.  For example, if you’re looking to build your ultimate tuna rod, narrow down your search to only your favorite brands like MHX, CRB, and American Tackle.  In addition, if stock quantities are low, you’ll be able to see immediately on your filtered list of options.

Image is Everything!

Adding product reviews to your Mud Hole purchases helps other custom rod builders choose from the wide variety of options available on mudhole.com.  Reviews also provide valuable feedback to our team of product designers and buyers, ensuring that we provide future customers with the best available rod building and tackle crafting components and supplies available. 

Improved Product Reviews


Now, not only can you leave product reviews, you can also provide images and even videos with your reviews!  At Mud Hole, not only do we pride ourselves on delivering the best products and service in the industry, we also know how important it is to support a community of rod builders and experts that help each other and grow our amazing craft. Enhancing customer reviews is just one more way that Mud Hole customers can share their feedback and help the rod building community.

Save for Later!

When we launched the all-new mudhole.com last year, regular customers really appreciated that they were able to save past shopping carts for future products.  If you’re an experienced custom rod builder and often assemble the same fishing rod as part of your business, or for family and friends, this was a great new feature. 

Save Multiple Carts

Today, not only can you save multiple shopping carts, you can also now save individual products without placing them in your shopping cart. With such a wide variety of rod building products at Mud Hole, this is a great way to remember a favorite item for a later purchase (perfect for holiday shopping!).  And, all you need to do is create an account with Mud Hole.

Thank You

As always, we sincerely thank all of our customers and visitors for choosing Mud Hole Custom Tackle.  Beyond the exciting new features available at mudhole.com, we know you will also enjoy increased website speed and reliability. We will continue to look for ways to improve your shopping experience and to support this amazing rod building community we all love!  


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