Mud Hole Education Program Tackles Georgia

Mud Hole Education Program Tackles Georgia

The Mud Hole Education Program continues to bring the craft of custom rod building to youth throughout the United States and abroad. By working hand-in-hand with schools and teachers, the team is able to support curriculum requirements and bring valuable life skills to students.


To kick off the new year, the Mud Hole Custom Tackle Education Program hit the road again to present at Georgia’s GVATA (Georgia Vocational Agricultural Teachers Association) mid-winter teacher’s convention in Macon, GA. Teachers from all over the state attended the event so they can prepare and utilize new classroom ideas for the upcoming school year. 2022 is going to be a big year for the Education Program and Anthony Youmans, the program’s director, has some exciting developments to share with the teachers.

2022 Planning & Development

The goal for this year is to create comprehensive lesson plans and additional resources for every step of the rod building process. “Our purpose with these resources is to take the guesswork out of rod building in the classroom in order to allow the craft to be as fun and fulfilling as possible,” said Anthony Youmans. At the conference this year, the Education Program team debuted their newly-created lesson plans and instructional videos that go hand-in-hand with the basic rod building kits.This year, the Education Program plans to implement additional equipment as well as rod kit options for teachers to take leverage in the classroom. This is all in line to allow rod building to be as exciting and streamlined as possible. The craft of creating custom fishing rods gives students the ability to be as creative as possible and the new kits ensure that their visions are achieved. All of these upcoming additions will be sure to meet all of the teachers' and students' needs.

In addition to meeting new teachers, it was a great pleasure to see all of the familiar faces of current Georgia teachers that utilize the Mud Hole Education Program. The Education Team had a wonderful time showing off the new teaching resources available for the instructors. These new resources are essential for current teachers and are especially important for new instructors that may not know where to start with the program. Teachers now have full lesson plans that can be utilized in their own curricula.

More To Come...

2022 is going to be a huge year for the program with tons of new developments scheduled. Please be on the lookout for a resource hub with additional information regarding the Mud Hole Education Program. Located there will be price lists, classroom resources, and instructional tools all available for teachers to use. In the meantime, please email the Education Program director Anthony Youmans at for immediate access to current lesson plans and videos. We would like to extend a special thanks to Marcus Pollard and the GVATA teachers association as a whole for allowing the Education Program to grow and share its new developments.

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