Mud Hole Customer Service is Here to Help!

Mud Hole Customer Service is Here to Help!

Dating all the way back to 1976, Mud Hole made a commitment to rod builders to provide the best products backed by the best customers service in the industry. Fast forward 47 years later, Mud Hole Custom Tackle, Inc. has grown to be the largest supplier of custom rod components in the world. We owe that our wonderful customers and have an overwhelming gratitude for our dedicated customer service team!

"A lot of people have fancy things to say about customer service, but it's just a day-in, day-out, ongoing, never-ending, persevering, compassionate kind of activity." – Christopher McCormick, CEO of L.L Bean

Our customer service team is made up of 14 individuals from various career backgrounds and walks of life that all come together for a single goal, to help people become better rod builders. Here at Mud Hole we do not separate sales and customer service and our team members do not work on commission. We are a team comprised of men and women who love the outdoors and teaching the art of rod building. It is much more than just a job, it is our passion.

Meet Our Team!

When speaking to Mud Hole's Director of Operations, Jorge Gonzalez about building his team, "I try to find motivated people with great character that will develop into a great team member. Customer service is ever changing and we are always adapting. I am proud of our team and love to see them succeed. This is what it's all about. Building relationships and life long customers. I appreciate all they do every day to keep customers coming back."

Take a walk into Mud Hole’s showroom, as you pass the transom of our sportfish and wade through a sea of all things rod building, you will be greeted by one of our team members. Better be prepared for a fish story or two!

The showroom is fully stocked with rod blanks from CRB and MHX as well as rod building equipment, guide sets from CRB, American Tackle, and Fuji. We even have a reel case full of fly, spinning and conventional reels so you can build your dream outfit all in one place.

Take a look across that reel counter and into the customer service bullpen, it will be a buzz of phone calls from all over the world from customers just like you, who want the very best rod building has to offer.

We understand it can be quite overwhelming for new builders but each of our customer service members are rod builders and were beginners at one time as well. Their desks are often full of notes, fishing photos and a rod rack full of prototypes and personal rod builds they cannot wait to show off.

For any and all technical support there is a team members that can help. Need help with an offshore trolling rod, we have someone. Need advice on a fly rod build, we have someone. Can't get your thread wrap or finish just quite right, we can help. If you have time we can even give you a quick one on one lesson at our rod building station. 

"Customer service is not a department, it's an attitude!" – Unknown

Now, don't think all of the customer service perks are just for those who visit the showroom here at rod building world headquarters. Each and every team member can be reached via phone during business hours. No listening to automated messaging or endless punching of the keypad. You are just a phone call away from a real person, here at Mud Hole, that is eager to help and provide expert advice. 

Our team of service associates are available via phone, e-mail, and social media message boards to be sure you have all the help you need!

Call Mud Hole’s Help Line at 1-(866)-790-7637 0r (407)-447-7637!

Email Mud Hole’s Technical Support at!

We know rod builders strive for perfection in each of their custom fishing rods and we are here to lend a hand every step of the way. In addition to building the rod to perform in its specific fishing application, there is something about making a fishing rod and knowing it doesn’t exist anywhere else on the market.

Mud Hole stocks over 30,000 products that allows customers seemingly endless ways to customize a fishing rod to their specifications. Being able to choose the blank color, thread wrap colors, a specific handle and even a custom decal gives that personal touch you just cannot get anywhere else. Plus, if you need a little help to kick start your imagination, we can help with that too!

So long story short, we want to shed a little light on the best customer service team in the industry. Day in and day out our dedicated customer service representatives will help you build a custom rod to be proud of!

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