Introducing Southpaw Series Rod Blanks for left-handed anglers!  Another innovation from the amazing minds at Mud Hole.
Mud Hole Southpaw Rod Blanks

Left Out

Fishing is a beloved pastime all over the world, but in the past, it was more difficult for left-handed anglers to find the right gear. Until now, left-handed fishing rods were simply not available because rod blank technology was only developed for right handed anglers - leaving lefties feeling like they were at a disadvantage. See the difference that Southpaw Series Blanks can make in your lefty fishing game!

Engineered the Right Way

Thanks to the Mud Hole Research & Development team and advances in modern rod blank materials, processes, and technology, lefties can now enjoy the same fishing experience, and the same level of custom rods, as their right-handed counterparts. The cutting-edge reverse-rolled engineering is designed to equip left-handed individuals with the necessary advantage while fishing.

Mud Hole Southpaw Rod Blanks

Innovation for the Other Half!

Well, actually, only 10-12% of the population are left-handed...but you get our point. Every angler should have the same comfort, feel, and performance when they get out on the water. Only Mud Hole levels the playing field with the introduction of the groundbreaking Southpaw Series Rod Blanks.  A true game changer for struggling lefty and ambidextrous anglers alike, Mud Hole steps up for the other half (10-12%)!

Mud Hole Southpaw Series Rod Blanks

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