UV Blast! Clear Seal Coat, 4oz.

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UV BLAST! is a clear overcoat that can be applied to any lure to reflect critical UV light.

Your lure will flash even in dark, murky water where UV light, but not visible light, penetrates. Research continues to show that fish see and are attracted to UV light. And with UV BLAST! you get the strongest UV enhancer available today. So why let your lures get lost in the dark? Fire them up with UV BLAST!

Seal-Coat Lure and Jig Finish is a permanent final coat as strong as epoxy without all the measuring, mixing and smell. This finish has an extreme durability, a deep gloss, is non-yellowing, fast-drying and "worm-proof". By adding UV Blast to this product, you will be able to permanently lock in the benefits of a lure reflecting the critical UV spectrum that attracts fish. This product can be applied over any existing painted or unpainted lure.

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