The Balancer Removable Butt Cap

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Flexible rubber butt cap with 3 removable balance weights.

Each weight is 1.3oz. ID of cap is 1in and Overall Length is 2.75in


1. Use these guidelines to add lead Balance Weights and Quarters (in U.S. coins, not included) to the butt cap.

Rod Length: Start With:
7 ft. or longer 3 Balance Weights & 3 Quarters
6-1/2 ft. 2 Balance Weights & 2 Quarters
6 ft. 1 Balance Weight & 2 Quarters
5-1/2 ft. 1 Balance Weight
4-5 ft. Just the special butt cap & 1 or 2 Quarters

2. Carefully ease THE BALANCER'S Flexible Butt Cap on and off the rear of your rod. If tight fit, lube Butt Cap with talc; if loose fit, shim handle with tape.

3. Without any lure, hold both your rod and reel exactly as you would when fishing or retrieving a lure. Vary the amount of counter balance weight by adding or subtracting Balance Weights and quarters (one at a time) until your rod and reel feels balanced. When you get to the right amount of counter balance your rod tip will feel as light as a feather and seem to float in mid-air! (Each Balance Weight is equal to about 6 quarters.

CAUTION: The inside of the Flexible Butt Cap has been pre-coated with talc to reduce friction; however the talc can wear off with continued removal and installation. THE BALANCER can be used as a removable rod balancer provided the inside is kept coated with talc or baby powder. Failure to keep the inside of the Butt Cap coated with talc can result in damage to the rear of some handles which have weak construction or inadequate glue joints.

WARNING: This product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects and other reproductive harm.

Material Rubber

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