Raptor Unibody Aluminum Reel Seat


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In honor of the US Air Force's F-22 Raptor, these reel seats are machined to perfection using a single piece of aluminum. Equipped with silver hoods, and gunner-like holes exposing the color of your choice. These reel seats will do more than just capture the eyes of an on looking fishermen. The Raptors sleek design and innovative construction will give your custom rod the look, feel, and honor, to soar above the competition.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty marine grade aluminum, ideal for light, medium, and heavy rods
  • Double anodized provides corrosion resistance
  • Stylish two-tone design creates custom look
  • Lightweight (Comparable to graphite seats)
  • Slim profile nylon cushioned hoods

Reel Seat Specifications

Model Inside Diameter Outside Diameter
(at foregrip)
MHESS18 0.660" (16.8mm) 0.810" (20.6mm) 6.00" (152.4mm)

Color Gold
Inside Diameter 0.660"
Inside Diameter 0.660"
Material Aluminum
Outside Diameter 0.810"
Outside Diameter 2 0.825"
Outside Diameter 0.810"
Outside Diameter 2 0.825"

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