ProFX Metallic 8 Spool Thread Pack


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This thread kit is a great choice for either beginners or professionals. Includes 8 spools of the ProWrap Premium Metallic Thread.

ProWrap Premium Metallic is unlike any other metallic thread on the market. No other metallic thread looks like, feels like, or wraps like ProWrap Premium Metallic. Once you try it you will never use anything else.

Kit Includes:
Part Color
PMS-A-9155 Dark Gold
PMS-A-9865 Silver
PMS-A-9305 Red
PMS-A-9415 Sapphire
PMS-A-9525 Green
PMS-A-9635 Purple
PMS-A-9165 Pale Gold
PMS-A-9725 Copper

Please Note: Individual spools included in the kit may be substituted for similar colors if unavailable.

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