Pac Bay Graphite Skeleton Reel Seats with Cushioned Seats

Pacific BaySKU: G18SKIC

Color: Stainless
Size: Size 18
Sale price$6.69
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  • Combine all standard features of graphite cushioned hood reel seats and allow you to customize your own insert.
  • TiCH-Nickel Alloy plating process over stainless steel hoods to match the color of our TiCH coated guides.
  • Fits Woven Graphite or cork inserts, or customize your own cork, graphite, acrylic, or wood insert to give your rod a unique appearance.
Hood Color Length I.D.
Stainless Black Gold TiCH mm inch mm inch
G16SKIC G16SKIC-B G16SKIC-G G16SKIC-C 66 2.60 15.5 0.61
G17SKIC G17SKIC-B G17SKIC-G G17SKIC-C 70 2.75 17.7 0.70
G18SKIC G18SKIC-B G18SKIC-G G18SKIC-C 82 3.24 17.9 0.71
Color Stainless
Inside Diameter 0.710"
Material Graphite

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