Fuji KL-H Spinning Rod Guide Kits


Option: Titanium SiC
Size: Rods up to 6 ft
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Fuji KL-H Guide Sets for Rod Building

Fuji KL-H guides – now conveniently packaged in a kit. We even include suggested guide spacings that are great for beginners, or as a starting point for those gurus!

Titanium Performance at Stainless Prices

Corrosion Control (CC/BC) Now Available!. Fuji guide frames are now offered with a new corrosion control matte finish that provides up to 7 times more corrosion control resistance than standard Stainless Steel - and look amazing! The new CC finish is available exclusively in all K-Series SiC, Alconite, and the all new FazLite rings.

Although each guide kit can vary, common ring material options include Alconite and Silicon Carbide (SiC), with guide frame color choices of Black, Titanium, Gunsmoke, and Polished.

Fuji K-R Series Guides - Guide Positioning Software

KL-H Guide Kit Includes:

Rods up to 6': 16H (1), 8H (1), 6M (1), 5.5L (1), 5J (5)

Rods 6'1" to 6'6": 20H (1), 10H (1), 6M (1), 5.5L (1), 5J (6)

Rods 6'7" to to 7': 25H (1), 12H (1), 7M (1), 5.5L (1), 5J (6)

Rods 7'1" to 7'6": 25H (1), 12H (1), 7M (1), 5.5L (1), 5J (6)

Rods 7'7" to 8': 25H (1), 16H (1), 8M (1), 5.5L (1), 5J (6)

Rods 8'1" to 8'6": 25H (1), 16H (1), 8M (1), 5.5L (1), 5J (7)

Guide Spacing

KL-H Guide Spacing

About K-Series Guides for Fuji's KR Concept System

KR Concept is a game changer in terms of great performance at lighter weights. KR Guide trains are lighter than anyone could have imagined just a few years ago. Although Fuji developed the concept with special attention to the “micro” craze, in the final review they realized the parameters were appropriate for any braided line and for conventional “non-micro” rods as well. Ultimately, KR Concept has impact far beyond micro rods and is an advance in the performance of any rod using braid and most rods using monofilament or fluorocarbon lines. The K- Series Guides in this section are designed specifically for builders wanting to apply the KR Concept to a wide variety of finished rods.

Color Titanium
Material Titanium

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