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Keith J Wagner (Danville, IL, US)
Glad they are sold out, hope they don't come back

I've had one for years and keep trying to get it to work. If it was 10 percent better it would still be junk! Aline your rod by eye you'll do better!

Stephan Diggle
Not Recommended

The tape measure creases itself when it accidentally snaps back into the body. Happened twice now so two creases in the end of the tape rendered the tape not useable.

The laser, when mounted in the reel seat and leveled, provides a non-leveled/vertical laser line on the wall at the end of my power wrapper. Not aligned correctly from the first use.

The unit can be aligned enough to send the light over the middle of the blank, but is easily perturbed from alignment, and as previously stated, the laser is not calibrated to be vertical.

Thank you for the feedback Stephan. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. One of our customer service representatives will be reaching out to you shortly.

Great idea but needs fine tuning

As other reviews have stated the base is cheaply made and does not hold the laser tightly, which allows it to easily become misaligned. I believe a shorter, more rigid base that allows the laser to run closer to the blank would allow for more accurate alignment of the guides. I've tried a few times on swimbait and live bait rods to no avail. I've even used card stock at each guide in attempt to capture the laser but end up just sighting the guides manually, as I find it has taken longer to use the laser.

Forget about trying to use the level on it too, the device just has to much play to trust what you're seeing.

It's close but, it's a no for me. Save your money and pass on this until it's been redesigned.

Not aligned

The laser goes off the the left and doesn’t give you an accurate alignment of the guides

Awesome idea, poor execution

The other reviews aren't wrong. Nor are they the full story. This is a product that had/has the potential to be really great.

Things I Love: concept, utility, convenience.
Things I Don't: it is SUPER CHEAPLY MADE. And I really wish it had an 8ft power cord instead of AAA batteries.

The key problem to me is that the base is a total POS. Nothing like a precision system on a loose, wobbly, off-center base. It's like target shooting while wearing roller skates on ice in the wind on a slope. If this were made of a sturdy metal frame with the rear of the device secured and a **** to adjust the laser left/right like a rifle scope, it would be much, much improved. Reel seats can't be depended on to really align the base straight enough with the blank so a correction needs to be made which currently is not possible.

I also would like to see an alignment card included. I lose where the laser is pretty quick so I put a white card on a small telescoping stand just off the tip of the blank so I can easily see where the laser is aligned. Currently, I have to make far too many adjustments to get it aligned and then staying that way. WAY too many.

I would like to see it an inch or two taller as well. High spinning guides tend to block the laser from going all the way down the blank.

There, that's my feedback, and I hope it's useful. A device with my improvements would be worth far more than 35 bucks to me.

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