CRB Laser Alignment System CRB-LZR

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13 Reviews

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Based on 13 reviews
Tony Rice (Dallas, TX, US)
Not up to "par"....

I'm not gonna bash Mudhole on this one. I'm just going to say, this thing is definitely not worth a review. Bought it last year and have attempted to use it twice. The laser is off center and not in alignment with anything. It's kind of hard to set your guides on a spine, with the laser sight that is sitting at the "1 o'clock " and "8 o'clock" positions. We all know it's a 3rd party piece of plastic equipment. Not gonna hold Mudhole responsible here. I would suggest finding some other manufacturer that has a better quality assurance plan, though.

Ched (Houston, TX, US)
Review of Customer Service

I’m not going to give all the details because that wouldn’t be fair to Mudhole but I will say their willingness to stand behind their brand is exceptional. I got the Laser Alignment Tool for Christmas last year (2021). I didn’t open the box until this December(2022). Immediately it didn’t seem to match the quality of all the other things I had received from Mudhole. I tried it anyway and it lived up to my expectations-see other review-it was not a great piece of equipment. I sent an email to support yesterday and got a phone call today. I had other questions and actually the laser tool was far down my priority list. The details are between Mudhole and myself but just know they were fair beyond my expectations. I hesitate to write this because some will use it and try to take advantage of the situation. I did provide proof of the purchase through their records. They didn’t give me a Gen 2 Power Wrapper or offer to take me fishing but I did get off the phone as a satisfied customer who would make sure and take the time to write a positive review. Thank you Mudhole for exceeding expectations.

Ched (Bessemer, AL, US)
First timer

I got my “stuff” as a gift and just got around to setting up my workshop. As I was putting everything together I was amazed at the quality. Things fit nicely, all components were included, and instructions were clear. Then I opened the laser alignment tool. It immediately didn’t seem to fit the Mudhole quality I had become accustomed to. It was all plastic and the attachments were difficult to get on and when on they didn’t fit tightly enough, if that makes sense. I then tried it out on a rod and I’m not sure how—but I swear the laser didn’t seem to be straight. Even when I moved the tool around in the rod seat, the laser would be out by a couple of inches near the end of the rod. Normally, I would blame this on user error but all my equipment was secured to the RBS track system. I do believe this is a “one off” for Mudhole. No one is perfect-I think they just missed with this product. Ched Burton [****] [****]

Keith J Wagner (Danville, IL, US)
Glad they are sold out, hope they don't come back

I've had one for years and keep trying to get it to work. If it was 10 percent better it would still be junk! Aline your rod by eye you'll do better!

Stephan Diggle
Not Recommended

The tape measure creases itself when it accidentally snaps back into the body. Happened twice now so two creases in the end of the tape rendered the tape not useable.

The laser, when mounted in the reel seat and leveled, provides a non-leveled/vertical laser line on the wall at the end of my power wrapper. Not aligned correctly from the first use.

The unit can be aligned enough to send the light over the middle of the blank, but is easily perturbed from alignment, and as previously stated, the laser is not calibrated to be vertical.

Thank you for the feedback Stephan. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. One of our customer service representatives will be reaching out to you shortly.

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