Butt Wrap Starter Kit

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Butt Wrap Starter Kit

Eveything you need to get started in one convenient kit!

This kit is specifically designed to get builders started with one of the more popular decorative techniques used in rod building. Butt wraps! It includes all the tools, supplies, thread, braid, and even the CRB Butt Wrap Alignment Tool!

The Butt Wrap alignment tool streamlines the process of laying out and aligning even the most complex decorative wraps. The V-notch base cradles and centers the blank perfectly while the attached aluminum straight edge allows builders to line up the crosses of a butt-wraps on any axis. Whether you are an expert doing intricate wraps or a novice trying your first diamond wrap the CRB-BWAT will help take your decorative work to the next level.

Please Note: Individual spools included in the kit may be substituted for similar colors if unavailable.

Your Butt Wrap Starter Kit Includes:

(1) CRB Butt Wrap Alignment Tool
(1) ProWrap Nylon Thread, 100yd, Size D, Black
(1) ProWrap Metallic Thread, Size A, 100yd, Silver
(1) ProWrap Metallic Braid, 10yd Card, Blue
(1) ProWrap Metallic Braid, 10yd Card, Black
(1) ProWrap Metallic Braid, 10yd Card, Green/Gold
(1) ProWrap Metallic Braid, 10yd Card, Purple/Blue/Silver
(1) ProWrap Metallic Braid, 10yd Card, Silver/Gold/Black
(1) Thread Tool Combo Package
(1) China Marker, Peel-Off, White
(1) Rod Builders Tape, 1/2" x 60 yd

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