AB1 80-130 and Unlimited Class Roller Guides

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Only AB1 “full floating” Roller Guides allow 100% of the fishing rod’s potential to come into play.

It’s a well known fact that conventional “static chassis” roller-guides steal a rod’s performance potential. Regardless of blank brand name, its design or dynamics or cost. Each wrapped guide creates a flat spot in the arc of the blank and the dreaded “broomstick effect” kicks in.

The magic of AB1 roller-guides is that they attach to the rod on independent mounting feet. The performance engineered into your rod blank remains in play without compromise. Thanks to AB1’S multi-axis movement concept a rod blank action potential is remains available 100% of the time! First time users are amazed by how much action is unleashed and how much more lively their rod feels. Even better is how much faster fish are brought to the rail!

Key Features:

  • Chassis: aluminum, titanium or carbon-fiber.
  • Rollers (pulleys): titanium ride on Japan stainless bearings.
  • 80/130 class guides options: RX1, RX2, RX4 single wheel. RX5 double-wheel “stripper” guide.
  • Service: Innovative self lubricating design. Each set includes lubricant, seals and screws.
  • Protected by world-wide patent.

AB1 Roller Guides: Beyond Innovation

The world’s first and only “full-floating” roller guides. Dynamic in every dimension.

Throughout his life AB1 founder Alex Bellebono had always chosen tackle he considered to be top quality; the latest rods, reels and tackle money could buy. Most often the gear performed as advertised but at times he was reminded that some “state of the art” gear left a lot to be desired.

Alex’s custom built roller-guide rods were of frequent concern and over a span of months he became obsessed with their design and performance. As a manufacturer of high-precision fixtures and components for the oil and gas industry, he had an eye for design and function and the more he studied them it became clear that regardless of brand name or price, the current crop of roller-guides could be made better. Perhaps a lot better.

Early one Monday morning after a weekend on the water, Alex gathered his industrial design team to talk about roller-guides and how they might help him create an improved solution to conventional designs.

“I’m looking for new ideas and better answers to what we’ve been fishing with. Think beyond conventional and forget how guides are made today. Show me something I’ve never seen before.” – Alex Bellebono

The challenge wasn’t unusual for this talented, fast thinking group and within a few weeks of CAD modeling and prototyping an all-new “full floating” roller-guide concept emerged.Over many few weeks the designers examined and measured and tested rods and every brand name roller-guide system on the market.

By the end of their study the group presented a “full floating” roller-guide concept that (a) eliminates the performance limits of conventional roller-guides and (b) greatly improves the performance of roller-guide rods.

This was the game changing solution Alex had hoped for and the brilliance of a “full-floating” roller-guide was even better than he could have imagined.

“From our earliest concepts I knew we were creating something very special but I had no idea how good our AB1 roller-guide system would be. It gives me tremendous pleasure to know how well our products perform and how much our products have increased the enjoyment for our customers.” – Alex Bellebono, AB1 Founder

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