June 15, 2020 — International Shipping Cost Change

Due to COVID-19 and restrictions of international postal services, effective June 15, 2020 we have increased our shipping rates for international orders under $300 to 25% of the total order value, with a minimum shipping cost of $24.95. We will continue to monitor the international postal issues and adjust as things improve.

International Shipping Rates

Shipping charges are calculated based on the rate table shown below. For orders over $300 your shipping charges will be added to your order when it is shipped. If you have questions about our shipping policy or would like to request a quote, please contact us.

Orders may be shipped via US Postal Service, or FedEx. Standard transit time is 5-15 business days but may take longer depending on carrier delays and your geographic location. Mud Hole assumes no responsibility for late or delayed packages.

International Shipping Rates Table

Order Total Shipping Rate
$0.00 - $299.99 25% of Order Total
$24.95 Minimum
$300.00 + Actual Shipping Cost
(Billed at time of shipping)

International Out-of-Delivery-Area Charges

International shipments (subject to service availability) delivered to or picked up from remote and less-accessible locations are assessed an out-of-delivery area or out-of-pickup-area surcharge. Refer to local service guides for surcharge amounts. A list of postal codes and cities where these surcharges apply is available in PDF format.

How to Track Your Order

We provide tracking numbers with all of our shipments and will contact the carrier on your behalf should a package become lost in transit. To report a possible missing package call us toll-free at (866)-790-RODS, but please allow a reasonable amount of time (5 business days) to pass before reporting it to us.

USPS Tracking

Track Packages with US Postal Service

FedEx Tracking

Track Packages with FedEx


Oversize Package Handling

There are several instances where oversize charges may be necessary to complete your shipment, typically when there are multiple packages or items that require additional freight charges. These charges will be automatically calculated at the time of checkout based on the rate table shown below. Oversize fees will be assessed once per order based on the largest item. Order as many blanks as you like - you'll only be charged once!

Oversize Package Handling Table

Power Wrappers Rod Blanks
up to 8'0"
Rod Blanks
8'1" and up *
Rod Blanks
10'1" and up *
Call or email for quote No oversize fee $22.95 Not available

* Calculated length. Since rod blanks are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4-piece configurations, actual shipping length can be calculated by dividing overall length by number of pieces. For example, a 6' (183cm) rod blank would only be considered oversized if it is 1-piece. The same rod blank in 2 or 3-pieces wouldn't cost any extra.

Backorders & Out of Stock Items

Out-of-stock items are indicated in the shopping cart and ship as soon as they become available - at actual cost.

Duties and Taxes

Duties, taxes and shipping are not included in this total and will be due upon receipt. Your order will require custom clearance for delivery. The price used will be the actual amount paid.