Time & Location – Specialty Classes

Day 1 (Friday) – 6:00P – 10:00P 
Day 2 (Saturday) – 9:00A – 5:00P 
Day 3 (Sunday) – 9:00A – 12:00P

Our specialty rod building classes are a 3-day event. During the class, participants learn all of the proper techniques for building a custom specialty rod start-to-finish.

Day 1: The first evening is a technical orientation covering how to spine each section of a 1 pc. and 2pc. rod blank, handle setups and assembly, as well as guide prep and guide spacing through static deflection. With just 4 students to an instructor, students receive one-on-one training and personalized guide spacing per their rod’s specifications.

Day 2: On the second day, you will learn the ins and outs of wrapping guides with thread from some of the most experienced builders in the industry. Next, instructors will explain the best practices in epoxy finish from mixing and application, to proper drying and curing.

Day 3: The final day is reserved for enjoying some exclusive advanced technical seminars and test casting your new custom-built rod. We encourage you to bring your own reel for both setup and casting.