3 Reasons To Build CRB Fly Rods

3 Reasons To Build CRB Fly Rods

If you want to build a fly rod that you’ll love without blowing up your budget, we have three reasons you should try CRB’s new Color Series Fly Blanks! 

Color Series Fly Rod Blanks 

Fly fishing brings you closer to the wild adventures and fishy pursuits that make you well, you. 

And now with these color fly blanks, your fly rod will say something about you too. 

Whether you’ve been slinging flies since you were a kid, or recently received the urge to roll cast, CRB has developed a line of fly rod blanks to inspire any angler to build a new fly rod that might just become a longtime favorite. 

From choosing components and colors, to expressing your style and controlling your price, this build is destined to be a blast from start to finish. 

It has truly never been easier, or more cost effective, to assemble a fly rod of your very own. Plus, the pride of fishing a custom build and catching that trophy fish is next to none. 

Read our 3 reasons to build a CRB Fly Rod!

1. Custom Color Options 

For starters, who doesn’t like choosing the color of their rod?

Rod building is the answer to making a rod your own, but the Color Series blanks take that customization and personalization a step further.

With 6 cool colors, these fly blanks lead the way in value and style!

Checkout the colors below:

Choose a color you like and build a fly rod you love!

2. Popular Fly Rod Weights 

Besides exciting colors, the CRB fly blanks bring the most widely used rod weights to satisfy the needs of fly anglers from small streams and local ponds, to large rushing rivers and wide-open windy flats. 

Choosing popular rod weights 3, 5, and 8 means CRB is prepared to share it’s legendary value to avid anglers across the country and around the world.

Not to mention, the 4-piece construction of each model makes traveling easy and convenient.

So wherever you find yourself, fear not… you can always bring your fly rod!

If you like catching fish on fly, you’re going to love these models:

3 Weight Fly Rod Blanks

The Color Series 3 weight Fly Blanks are perfect for fishing small game and boosting performance, style, and fun. These classic 9-foot models bring smooth casts upstream, easy mending, and the ideal moderate-fast actions to keep feisty fish on tiny flies and light leaders. 

For exciting color options and confidence in performance, look no further than a 3wt. model from CRB’s Color Series.

5 Weight Fly Rod Blanks

These Color Series 5 weight Fly Blanks feature a lightweight, yet strong 100% graphite construction, a 9-foot length for excellent casting distance and accuracy, and a moderate-fast action that’s perfect for fighting a variety of fish. 

Whether building a drift rod, a pond hopper, or an all-around awesome fly rod, the versatility of this 5wt. will certainly reward you on the water.

8 Weight Fly Rod Blanks

The 8 weight Fly Blanks from CRB’s Color Series will load up and deliver tight loops with excellent distance and accuracy, even against the wind. 

For the dependable performance of a classic 9-foot fly rod with a moderate-fast action and enough backbone to fight trophy bonefish, steelhead, and more, this 8wt. model could easily build your new favorite fly rod.

TIP: Pair these blanks with CRB Fly Reel Seats!

3. Affordability & Performance

The CRB Fly Series introduces a line of high quality rod blanks in 6 cool colors with an affordable price not yet seen in the fly fishing world. Available in 3, 5, or 8-wt. models, these 100% Graphite blanks feature moderate-fast actions that both beginners and experienced fly anglers can appreciate.

If you’re drifting tiny files downstream, sending streamers up the river, or placing the perfect cast to finicky fish in the wind, these blanks will help you do it. Cost effective and ready to perform, CRB’s fly blanks are the ticket to good times on the water and more money in the bank. 

Between performance and appearance, these high-strength yet lightweight fly blanks were engineered to provide the custom rod builder the greatest variety of choices alongside CRB’s legendary value!

Watch CRB Color Fly Rods in Action:

CRB Fly Blanks: Color Us Impressed 

Easy to assemble and as you can see—pure fun to fish, these colored fly rods won’t break the bank and they won’t let you down. The release of CRB’s fly rod blanks is a huge step for finding excellent value in fly rod building.

Changing the game with color options, popular rod weights, and a quality performance that’s more affordable than ever, the time to build your own custom fly rod is now!


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