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Whether you own a shop or you're a weekend hobbyist, having a good selection of guides on hand can help you or your customers get back on the water quickly. These CRB Guides were designed and tested by professionals to provide superior performance across a myriad of applications.

To order, choose your favorite color and select your performance level. No matter what your preferences are, our guide assortment kits have been meticulously pieced together to ensure you'll have what you need to build or repair your favorite rod.

Each assortment contains 100 guides in black and polished stainless steel!

Key Features

  • Pre-selected by professional custom rod builders
  • Black or Polished Stainless Steel color options
  • 316 Stainless Steel for superior corrosion resistance, strength and durability
  • Press-Fit ring & frame (Performance Ring)
  • Pre-ground feet for smooth and easy wrapping
  • Industry-leading 1-year limited warranty

Elite Combo Set

SKU Quantity Color SKU Quantity Color
BYEG-6 10 Black CYEG-6 10 Polished
BYEG-8 10 Black CYEG-8 10 Polished
BYEG-10 5 Black CYEG-10 5 Polished
BYEG-12 5 Black CYEG-12 5 Polished
BYEG-16 5 Black CYEG-16 5 Polished
BYEG-20 5 Black CYEG-20 5 Polished
BYEG-25 5 Black CYEG-25 5 Polished
BYEG-30 5 Black CYEG-30 5 Polished

Performance Combo Set

SKU Quantity Color SKU Quantity Color
BYPG-6 10 Black CYPG-6 10 Polished
BYPG-8 10 Black CYPG-8 10 Polished
BYPG-10 5 Black CYPG-10 5 Polished
BYPG-12 5 Black CYPG-12 5 Polished
BYPG-16 5 Black CYPG-16 5 Polished
BYPG-20 5 Black CYPG-20 5 Polished
BYPG-25 5 Black CYPG-25 5 Polished
BYPG-30 5 Black CYPG-30 5 Polished

Standard Combo Set

SKU Quantity Color SKU Quantity Color
BVSG-6 10 Black CVSG-6 10 Polished
BVSG-8 10 Black CVSG-8 10 Polished
BVSG-10 5 Black CVSG-10 5 Polished
BVSG-12 5 Black CVSG-12 5 Polished
BVSG-16 5 Black CVSG-16 5 Polished
BVSG-20 5 Black CVSG-20 5 Polished
BVSG-25 5 Black CVSG-25 5 Polished
BVSG-30 5 Black CVSG-30 5 Polished

Benefits of Using CRB Guide Assortments


Have Stock on Hand for Quick Turnaround Time

Superior Castability

Available in Concept-Style Layouts

Engineered by Professionals

Crafted by Years of Experience

Performance Guaranteed

1-Year Limited Warranty

3 Levels of Performance

CRB Standard ring

1. Standard
Ring: Aluminum Oxide
Frame: Premium SS

Our STANDARD guides feature traditional "cone of flight" layouts with Aluminum Oxide ceramic insert rings. Created decades ago, Aluminum Oxide is one of the very first ceramic insert materials - but don't let it's age fool you - Aluminum Oxide guides are still widely deployed on fishing rods today. Excellent performance to value ratio.

CRB Performance ring

2. Performance
Ring: Titanium Oxide
Frame: Premium SS (Deep Pressed)

PERFORMANCE guides have "Concept"-style layouts for improved castability and an improved, high grade Titanium Oxide ring. Titanium Oxide allows for a slightly thinner and stronger ring when compared to the Standard guides.

CRB Elite ring

3. Elite
Ring: Zirconium Oxide
Frame: Premium SS (Deep Pressed)

ELITE grade guides are also offered in a “Concept-Style” layout and are constructed with diamond polish Zirconium Oxide inserts. The ELITE guides feature a thinner profile ring with an ultra-smooth bezel resulting in lighter weight, and superior performance capable of taming the most aggressive braided lines.

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