CRB Scale Pattern Heat Shrink Tubing


Size: 20mm
Color: Black
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Customize your old or new grips with 8 fun colors and a cool new fish scale grip pattern! Easy to install with only a heat gun, this material has a 40% Shrink ratio and works well on any grips. Plus, it's a popular product for building a reel seat-less rod. Sold in 40" Sections only.

Features & Benefits

  • 8 color options
  • 40% shrink ratio
  • Great for repairs or adding texture to existing handles
  • Easy installation with heat gun


Size Inside Diameter Wall Shrunk I.D. Shrunk Wall
20mm 20mm (0.787") 1.1mm 12mm 2.2mm
25mm 25mm (0.984") 1.1mm 15mm 2.2mm
30mm 30mm (1.181") 1.1mm 18mm 2.2mm
35mm 35mm (1.378") 1.1mm 21mm 2.2mm
40mm 40mm (1.575") 1.1mm 24mm 2.2mm

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