Top 5 Tools to Build Better Fishing Rods

Top 5 Tools to Build Better Fishing Rods

Check out these useful tools to boost your rod builds for incredible custom fishing rods.

The Best RBS Rod Building Tools

Whether you’re looking to optimize your rod building system, or improve your finished fishing rods, these are some great tools to get it done.

The CRB Rod Building System revolutionized the craft of custom rod building by making it more affordable and user-friendly than ever. More importantly, it gives all rod builders a durable and dependable system that grows with your skills and tastes in rod building.

It’s simple, choose the tools built for you and build better rods with CRB.

Add these helpful tools to your wish list!

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1. Upgrade Your Rod Drying System

Improve your finish game with CRB’s new Gen 2 Variable Speed Rod Dryer.

Bringing a variable speed controlled by the user, this dryer offers flexibility to rod builders of all skill levels. 

With upgraded gears for a quieter and more consistent rotation, and an included wire chuck that will easily grasp any diameter butt, CRB has engineered the ultimate rod dryer for your workbench.

This 110v variable speed dryer comes with a 6ft. cord and one Dryer Support Stand, and can be dialed in from 15 RPM all the way up to 45 RPM to cover a variety of application needs - giving total control when you need it the most.

Product Spotlight: CRB Variable Speed Rod Drying System

2. Revive Supplies with Epoxy Bottle Warmer

As the cold weather causes temperatures in your workshop to plummet, your epoxy supplies will also take a serious hit. Hardening and sometimes even crystalizing, epoxy resins can become too viscous and unusable.

Rather than let your supply suffer, use the CRB Epoxy Bottle Warmer to revive your epoxy finish. By re-liquifying crystalized epoxy resin, this handy epoxy warmer saves your supplies and makes epoxy easier to work with.

With two bottle holders to warm the epoxy’s resin and hardener, you can use it to decrease the viscosity of both components. By preserving and increasing the flowing properties epoxy, the CRB Epoxy Bottle Warmer makes mixing and applying epoxy much easier even in the dead of winter.

Product Spotlight: CRB Epoxy Bottle Warmer 

3. Simplify Multi-Piece Rods with a Blank Extension Tool

Although fishing with a multi-piece rod doesn’t feel any more difficult than using a one-piece rod, there are some added aspects of building a multi-piece rod that can get tricky. Since a complete multi-piece rod becomes quite long, it makes wrapping and finishing the assembled rod much more challenging.

Whether wrapping the ferrules or finishing a segment of the multi-piece fishing rod, the CRB PRO Blank Extension Tool Set is the perfect asset to help you overcome these custom rod building challenges.

The idea of ferrule wraps is rather simple however, the completion is a bit more complicated. Considering it works best to center the wrap on a rod blank, it’s difficult to do this when lacking the adequate length to work.

In the past, this made ferrule wraps a real pain, but now with the CRB Blank Extension Tool Set, ferrule wraps are easier than ever. All you need to do is insert the tool into the rod segment you are working on, set it in your CRB stand, and use it as a sturdy wrapping aid for perfect ferrule wraps every time.

You can even chuck up the Blank Extension Tool into your rod dryer…

The CRB Blank Extension Tool’s tapered design works to easily accommodate any rod blank with an inside diameter between .20” and .35”. This allows you to fit each section of the multi-piece rod onto the CRB Blank Extension Tool and then precisely work on wrapping and finishing its guides.

Grab a Blank Extension Tool to make building multi-piece rods a breeze!

Product Spotlight: Rod Blank Extension Tool

ProductShowcase_CRB Pro-EXT-1 from Mud Hole Custom Tackle™ on Vimeo.

4. Keep Tools and Epoxy Handy with Rolling Trays

Have you ever misplaced your epoxy brush or placed your elbow into a forgotten dish of epoxy? Don’t feel embarrassed because it happens to old and new rod builders alike. CRB felt rod builder’s pain and created the RBS Rolling Tool Tray and Rolling Finish Tray to keep your rod building supplies handy.

No matter if you need to burnish a thread wrap or apply epoxy, these rolling trays move along the track to keep your tools and supplies in immediate reach at a moment’s notice. Easy to install yet hard to live without, RBS Rolling Trays will subtly reform your RBS work station by clearing clutter and keeping your tools as well as your materials organized.

Keep everything in hands reach with the RBS Rolling Tool Tray and Rolling Finish Tray.

5. Quickly Fit Any Grips with an Extreme Reamer Set

Reaming is one of the basic steps to building every fishing rod, yet not everyone has the right tools to ream successfully. The CRB Extreme Reamer Set features 4 reamers with different outside diameters to fit any rod blank.

The extreme reamer is the greatest commercial reamer available because of it’s design, durability, and functionality. These versatile solid glass reamers are designed to work as a hand reamer for the delicate work or to be chucked up in your drill for jobs requiring a more heavy-duty approach.

All Reamers come standard with 50 Grit abrasive. This and the 32 grit abrasive tape are available in 25 foot replacement rolls.

Extreme Reamer Set Lengths and Outside Diameters:

  • EXR-S 14″ 0.215″ – 0.360″
  • EXR-M 14″ 0.340″ – 0.475″
  • EXR-L 14″ 0.495″ – 0.575″
  • EXR-XL 14″ 0.550″ – 0.700″

Product Spotlight: CRB Extreme Reamers

CRB Rod Building Tools

CRB works tirelessly to develop innovative solutions for every custom rod builder. From grip and reel seats to tools and equipment, CRB has a high quality yet affordable option perfect for any builder.

In rod building, you can do it all with CRB, so assemble the perfect system for your home or business now.

See more from CRB at Mud Hole!

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