FAQ for Custom Rod Building Classes

FAQ for Custom Rod Building Classes

This blog will discuss many of the commonly asked questions about our rod building classes, plus we provide the inside scoop on the best rod building course in the business.

Earn a Diploma as a Certified Rod Builder!

Are you finally ready to jump into rod building?

Well, stop putting it off and sign up for a class that will walk you through the entire process with experts who are knowledgeable and fun! Whether you are just looking to customize the appearance of your fishing rods or wish to improve its performance we will discuss all the benefits from building your own fishing rods.

Once completed, you will have all the knowledge you need to begin building your very own fishing rods. Plus, included with the class, you will leave with your custom rod, all essential equipment, and a certified custom rod building diploma!

Rod Building Class FAQ:

How Do the Rod Building Classes Work?

We have two great options for you to get into rod building! Treat it as a class, weekend getaway or learn from the comforts of your own home… this opportunity is whatever you make it!

Mud Hole's Remote rod building classes are held over two or three days depending on the class schedule. We have different options to fit your schedule as well as both Beginner and Speciality Classes. 

Mud Hole’s in-person rod building classes are two or three day events that bring experts and professionals straight to a city near you or come take a class in the education center right here at Mud Hole.  

This team of instructors provides their decades of rod building knowledge and answers to all of your questions. They are an invaluable resource for all anglers looking to find a new passion… rod building.

Our schedule for the Beginning Rod Building class creates a two-day immersion that teaches all of the necessary techniques to build your first rod. The best part, you are actually building the rod you will take home to fish once the class is complete. 

Day 1 Schedule:

Well everyone has to start somewhere and day 1 is a full intro to rod building.

We cover the basics from finding the spine of a rod blank and choosing the right components to reaming the grips, placing and wrapping the guides, applying the epoxy finish, and everything in between, day 1 is the perfect launching point for anyone interested in learning the craft.

Speaking from experience, these in-person classes are excellent because the hands on instruction shortens the learning curve for beginners looking to build their first rod, and many, many more.

Plus, after the two day class, you will leave with the knowledge to build and your very own custom rod!

Day 2 Schedule:

To start, the class instructors will answer any lingering questions from leftover from day 1 and then lead the class with some advanced skills demonstrations.

Going beyond the basics, they will cover the art of crosswraps, marbling and constructing cork handle.

Day 2 is a lot of fun and a real treat for future rod builders.

What Fishing Rod Do You Build in the Class?

This question comes up many, many times for folks looking to take our rod building class and rightfully so.

In the past, classes only built spinning rods. But now, our beginner rod building classes will offer your choice of building either a spinning rod or a casting rod.

What About the Rod Blank?

For the first build, the class provides an IS661 Spin/Cast Rod Blank in gloss black.

The IS661M-GBK blank is 6’6”, has a line weight of 8-15 lb, a lure rating of 1/4-3/4 oz, a medium power and a moderate-fast action.

This rod blank builds a great starter rod because it’s as fun to fish as it is to build!

Are there any Advance or Specialty Classes?

Once you have taken the beginner class, people were feeling left out. They wanted to learn how to build a fly rod, or an inshore rod or maybe something to chase Mahi-Mahi. Well, we listened and delivered. You can now choose from a number of different classes to help you build different rod for different techniques and continue to improve your rod building.

Our instructors got together and discussed their favorite rod build or favorite technique and the Specialty Rod Workshop was born. These class curriculums are built around building a rod for a specific task. Do you enjoy running offshore to chase mahi-mahi or are you more at home in a quiet trout stream? We have a class for you. 

The specialty classes are held here in the Mud Hole Education Center and have a slightly different schedule. Let's go over that now. 

Our specialty rod building classes are a 3-day event. During the class, participants learn all of the proper techniques for building a custom specialty rod start-to-finish.

Specialty Class Day 1:

The first evening is a technical orientation covering how to spine each section of a 1 pc. and 2pc. rod blank, handle setups and assembly, as well as guide prep and guide spacing through static deflection. With just 4 students to an instructor, students receive one-on-one training and personalized guide spacing per their rod’s specifications.

Specialty Class Day 2: 

On the second day, you will learn the ins and outs of wrapping guides with thread from some of the most experienced builders in the industry. Next, instructors will explain the best practices in epoxy finish from mixing and application, to proper drying and curing.

Specialty Class Day 3: 

The final day is reserved for enjoying some exclusive advanced technical seminars and test casting your new custom-built rod. We encourage you to bring your own reel for both setup and casting.

What Else is Included in the Rod Building Class?

In addition to taking home your first custom fishing rod, you also get some pretty cool products all included with the cost of the class

 These products include:

  • CRB Hand Wrapper
  • Rod Blank
  • Reel Seat
  • Handle
  • Guides
  • Tip Top
  • Thread
  • Decals

 Now that’s value!

 How Long are Rod Building Classes?

Beginner Classes are held on a consecutive Saturday and Sunday.  For example, most out of town guests arrive and visit the Mud Hole facility for a meet and greet on Friday night. Then the next morning, starts day 1. You then finish up on Sunday and travel home with your custom rod and equipment.

Saturday’s class time is 9am to 7pm and Sunday is 9am to 12pm, both days’ times are according to local time in that particular city. Remember, we host rod building events at our facility in Oviedo Florida, but also travel the US to select city during the year. Here is a list of Class dates and Locations: Classes.

Our Speciality Classes are held on a consecutive Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Students arrive to begin class at 6pm on Friday night and will work until 10pm. Saturday is 9am-5pm and chocked full of rod building. You then finish up with a short day on Sunday and travel home with your custom rod and equipment.

For the Remote Classes we have options built around your busy schedule. If you are unable to travel to an in-person class, do not worry, our instructors will be there every step of the way. All classes are listed as Eastern Standard Time but we have classes that begin as early at 9am EST or as late as 7pm EST so there is a time and schedule for anyone. 

The remote classes are taught by our same great instructors that you see in the in-person class. We have provided remote learning with all of the benefits of being there in person!

Where Can I Take the Rod Building Class?

One of the greatest benefits of custom rod building, is the community that it creates.

And because there are so many rod builders, anglers, and craftsman interested across the nation, Mud Hole has excellent in-person and remote options to fit into anyone's schedule.

Each year a team of instructor travel around the USA to cities near you to teach rod building. In addition, they also host rod building classes at the Mud Hole Education Center in Oviedo, FL. If that isn't enough, our instructors are teaching remote rod building classes via ZOOM so you can learn in the comforts of your own home or workshop.

Classes at Mud Hole’s Education Center!

 If you have not visited Mud Hole Custom Tackle’s new facility, it includes incredible upgrades from the showroom and the warehouse to the production studio and the new state of the art education center!

The Rod Building Education Center

The 5,000 square foot seminar space is built with education in mind and will be home to our local Rod Building classes, as well as additional advanced seminars offered throughout the year.

Meet our Staff of Dedicated Instructors

Mud Hole is proud to have a full staff of rod building instructors all over the U.S. that genuinely enjoy rod building and teaching this rewarding craft.

One of the consistent reviews of the class states, “The instructors are extremely knowledgable and go out of their way to not only answer all our questions but demonstrate their own tips and tricks of rod building”   

Why Take Our Custom Rod Building Course?

Our rod building class provides you a firsthand look at the proper steps to construct a fishing rod. The instructors discuss both the how and the why to build a rod. In addition, it provides the insight to understand why your go-to rod is your favorite, and how you can build one just like it and make it even better!

Additional Benefits of the Rod Building Class:

  • See how and why to spine your blank
  • Learn proper guide spacing and guide selection
  • Understand how to build your rod EXACTLY the way you want it
  • Build the Best Performing Rod for specific fishing applications

The rod building class gives you the basics to build on for years to come and the only limit for developing your skills and creativity… is your own imagination!

Take a rod building class and see what you can learn…

Sign Up for a Rod Building Class Near You!

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